WISEdash Data Files by Topic

These files contain records for various topics for ALL public school districts and their schools in Wisconsin that are reported through WISEdash (or historically through WINSS).

These are statewide files. To download data for a SINGLE graph in WISEdash, go to the WISEdash public portal and select the data you want. Then click the EXPORT icon on the graph's green or blue toolbar.

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WINSS Historical Data Files
File Name Data View Size Upload date
all_topics_winss_2011-12.zip Certified 895.33 KB 2014-12-15
all_topics_winss_2010-11.zip Certified 892.63 KB 2014-05-01
all_topics_winss_2009-10.zip Certified 841.99 KB 2014-05-01
all_topics_winss_2008-09.zip Certified 855.69 KB 2014-05-01
all_topics_winss_2007-08.zip Certified 863.82 KB 2014-05-01
all_topics_winss_2006-07.zip Certified 3.63 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_2005-06.zip Certified 3.71 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_2004-05.zip Certified 14.73 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_2003-04.zip Certified 16.15 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_2002-03.zip Certified 16.29 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_2001-02.zip Certified 16.22 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_2000-01.zip Certified 15.11 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_1999-00.zip Certified 10.95 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_1998-99.zip Certified 10.56 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_1997-98.zip Certified 9.08 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_1996-97.zip Certified 4.19 MB 2015-06-15
all_topics_winss_1995-96.zip Certified 811.88 KB 2014-07-07
all_topics_winss_1994-95.zip Certified 170.95 KB 2014-07-10
all_topics_winss_1993-94.zip Certified 128.87 KB 2014-07-10