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WISEdash for Districts (secure site for district staff) is a companion to the WISEdash Public Portal, and provides:

a way of organizing our education data (called a data model) that enables easy, intuitive, and smart reporting;

  role-based data access and dashboards;

 public and secured reporting that can reach a wide variety of users with diverse data needs;

 simple ad hoc reporting functionality (choose a district, choose a demographic);

 advanced reporting capabilities for power users at the district and state level to create customizable reports; and

 professional development resources such as pre-made workbooks to guide use and understanding of tools, dashboards and reports.


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WISEdash for Districts User Guide
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The ability to turn data into information quickly and easily has become increasingly important in education. As part of DPI’s ongoing effort to support research and analysis that improves educational outcomes, the Department of Public Instruction purchased a suite of tools—called business intelligence, or BI, Tools—that will change the way DPI provides the data we collect back to schools and districts, and change the way that school and district staff, as well as the public, can access data about Wisconsin public schools.

DPI’s new BI solution, WISEdash, is a combination of tools from a Wisconsin company called VersiFit Software LLC and Microsoft. VersiFit Software LLC is one of the premier P20 education software vendors working with states such as Hawaii and Oregon and with more than 200 K-12 school districts and 4 higher education clients. VersiFit provides data-driven education reform innovations to help states and school districts to promote better student outcomes, improve instruction, reward top educators, and improve school district financial condition.


The goal of WISEdash is to increase access to education data—and, in doing so, enable more data informed decisions—by providing access to an unprecedented number of reports on a variety of topics. DPI believes that multiple indicators of student learning and performance should be incorporated into analysis and decision-making at all levels including the classroom, school and district. WISEdash will enable DPI to provide a plethora of reports and dashboards—in a single location—directly to districts on topics that draw from our longitudinal data system. Eventually, WISEdash will be used to provide public reports in addition to secure reports for district users. The reports and dashboards DPI will provide through WISEdash will help build a better understanding of education performance and outcomes for Wisconsin students, and help inform decisions ensuring every child graduates from high school prepared for both college and career pathways.

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