Project Information

The goal of the Wisconsin Longitudinal Data System is

  • To implement a statewide data warehouse and reporting solution, based on Data Quality Campaign standards, which meets federal requirements and drives longitudinal research and analysis to create a richer picture of individual student performance over time, thus enabling educator, school and district improvement.

The Wisconsin Longitudinal Data System is comprised of many initiatives, all geared to support educational research and analysis that improves educational outcomes. Each project has the opportunity to

  • Support agency efforts for Agenda 2017
  • Move towards meeting SFSF requirements for a Statewide Longitudinal Data system
  • Facilitate data-driven informed decision-making for school and district improvement
  • Assist educators looking to raise individual student achievement and close achievement gaps
  • Enable research that will inform and improve student learning
  • Enhance the quality of our data warehouse

What drives us to do these projects?

  • Our Wisconsin SLDS 2009 Grant
  • The Data Quality Campaign
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
    • National campaign to reduce duplication of effort and promote consensus on improving data quality, access, and use
    • Supports state efforts to improve the collection, data availability, reporting, and analysis of education data to raise student achievement
    • Provides tools & resources to help states with LDS implementation
    • Drives development of LDS data warehouses by defining 10 Essential Elements of an LDS
  • State Fiscal Stabilization Funds (SFSF)
    • All States, including Wisconsin, accepted SFSF monies
    • By accepting these funds, Wisconsin committed to completing the following tasks by September, 2011:
      • Continue development of a statewide longitudinal data system.
      • Continue with efforts to collect the data outlined in the 12 elements described in the America COMPETES Act and integrate the data into our LDS.
      • Create reports to make LDS data widely available, including reports on the following indicators:
        • Number and percentage of students who graduate from high school who enroll in an institution of higher education (IHE) within 16 months of receiving a regular high school diploma.
        • Number and percentage of students who graduate from high school who enroll in a public IHE in the State within 16 months of receiving a regular high school diploma, who complete at least one year’s worth of college credit (applicable to a degree) within two years of enrollment in the IHE.

How exactly do the Data Quality Campaign and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) relate?

DQC Summary of ARRA and the SLDS

The DQC’s 10 Essential Elements align with the America COMPETES Act 12 elements.
DQC ARRA Support for SLDS includingEssential Elements & the America COMPETES ACT 12 Elements



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