Resources for Student Data Privacy

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    • Establishing and implementing a clear data breach response plan outlining organizational policies and procedures for addressing a potential breach is an essential step in protecting the privacy of student data. This document provides educational agencies and institutions with a checklist of critical breach response components and steps to assist them in building a comprehensive data breach response capability.
    • This document is a framework for evaluating online “Terms of Service” agreements. This document is designed to assist educators, schools, and districts in understanding how an online service or application may collect, use, and/or transmit user information. The guidance will assist users in deciding whether or not to sign-up for specific services.
  • Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Services: Requirements and Best Practices
    • This document will address privacy and security considerations relating to computer software, mobile applications (apps), and web-based tools provided by a third-party to a school or district that students and/or their parents access via the Internet and use as part of a school activity. 
  • Student Data Principles
    • These are 10 Foundational Principles for Using and Safeguarding Student's Personal Information.

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