Student Data Privacy for Parents


Step-by-Step Checklist to Understanding Student Data Privacy


Step 1: Ask the right questions at your next PTA meeting:



What Every Parent Should be Asking about Education Data:





Step 2: Learn more about your rights under FERPA:



FERPA General Guidance for Parents:





Step 3: Review these helpful areas related to educating parents:




The U.S. Department of Education's Family Policy Compliance Office provides guidance for parents and school districts on FERPA, PPRA, and provision of student contact information to military recruiters under ESEA on this new website.


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Still have FERPA questions? The Future of Privacy Forum today unveils a website designed to be a comprehensive resource for parents, educators, entrepreneurs and policy makers. The site, sponsored by a host of ed-tech companies, explains privacy laws and explores data management issues. 


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Step 4: Improve your knowledge by reviewing our parent-specific resources:





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