WISE Data Requests

Wisconsin DPI Data Request Process

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) collects and maintains data about education in the State of Wisconsin, including:

• Data about individual students.
• School finance data.
• Teacher licensing data.
• School performance data.
• Facilities data.
• Data required for federal reporting and compliance.
• Agency administrative and operational data.
• Many other types of data.


New Requests:

If you're submitting a new data request, please follow the easy steps below to ensure you're request is submitted in a detailed and timely manner.


Existing Confidential Requests:

Please scroll down to the bottom for modifications to existing confidential requests / data destruction notification protocol.



New Requests


What type of data are you interested in?


Option 1: Public Data


Description - Anyone has a right to access public data. This data includes: non-identifying data about students, Scholastic Resources, Performance Reports / Profiles, Charter/Private Schools, and Public Library data.


"What is an example of public data?": Review the public data available on the DPI web site by selecting the following link: Data Resources.


         Step 1: Verify your desired data doesn't already exist in WISEdash.


"Is my data already available as part of the WISEdash setup?":  Check out the WISEdash Support Index of Data Topics to verify.
         Step 2: Submit your electronic data request to DPI. 
"This is not what I was looking for... How do I request additional public data?": If you wish to request public data that is not available on the DPI website or need assistance in locating the data you need, please click on the following General Data Request form.

Note: This form is only for non-confidential public data. Meeting the information needs of the public is one of DPI's most important functions. Therefore, subject to the requirements of department policy and other applicable state and federal laws, DPI will respond to requests for data in a timely, cost effective and complete manner.


Option 2: Confidential Data


Description - Data that does not fall under the characteristics of Public Data described above. This often includes data that has not been redacted to prevent identification of specific individuals within a population.           


"What is an example of confidential data?": Examples include individual student-level data, data containing PII and unredacted data that identifies individual students. 


         Step 1: Identify the specific DPI Data Elements you would want as part of your request.


"What data does DPI collect from schools that I could include in my request?": Check out the Available Data Elements Map for details.
"Are there any guidelines or sample agreements others have used that I can reference?": Individuals or organizations requesting student level or other confidential data should read the guidelines and SAMPLE Data Use Agreement (DUA) here:  Guidelines and Sample DUA Packet.
"What type of documentation do you have available on privacy and security?": Individuals or organizations requesting student level or other confidential data should review documentation on the DPI website related to student privacy here:  Student Data Privacy Information.


         Step 2: Submit your electronic data request to DPI. 


"How do I submit a request for Confidential Data to DPI?": If you would like to request confidential data, you will need to click on the Data Use Agreement Application below, provide details for your request and submit the form to DPI for approval/disapproval. As part of your submission, you agree to the data privacy and confidentiality terms and conditions governed by federal and state laws.  DPI is only allowed to share confidential data under circumstances provided by law.



Existing Confidential Requests:


Request Changes to an existing confidential Data Use Agreement (DUA): 

If you have an existing confidential Data Use Agreement (DUA) with DPI and need to make modifications to the DUA, you will need to submit the following Data Use Agreement Modification request form.  DPI will review the request and will notify you if the modification is approved as requested or if you are required to create a new Data Use Agreement Application.


Notify DPI of Intended/Executed Data Destruction:

Please use this Data Destruction Certification form is to notify DPI of Agreement-specific data destruction, method of destruction and other necessary details.


For more information regarding proper data destruction procedures, check out the PTAC Data Destruction Best Practices Guide.


Note: In accordance with the Data Use Agreement (DUA) between DPI and the recipient (i.e. individiual or organization), the recipient is required to notify DPI that all data files connected to the DUA was destroyed as outlined in an expired DUA or when the data is no longer needed for the purposes of the DUA, whichever comes first.