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What is the Wisconsin Information System for Education or WISE?                                                                          WISE Logo

The Wisconsin Information System for Education is comprised of multiple tools that support ID generation and data collection to meet all required district and school state and federal reporting mandates which will in turn inform education research and data analysis through dashboard and reporting tools to better understand and improve educational outcomes for Wisconsin students. These systems will maintain high data quality and security policies and standards to ensure data privacy. Each of these tools can and should be used by multiple stakeholders including educators, district and school officials, and DPI staff.  Specific tools such as the WISEdash Public Portal are also available for parents and community members. 


The high-level objective is to provide a sustainable, cost-effective, integrated education analysis and reporting system that supports:

  1. Teachers and school administrators making informed decisions to improve educational outcomes and to help ensure every child graduates from high school prepared for both college and career;
  2. Data-informed decision-making at the state, district, school, classroom, and student levels;
  3. Accurate and timely data reporting to meet Federal, State, and local requirements, including EDFacts reporting in which State data is aggregated and reported as required by law to the U.S. Department of Education's national data sets;
  4. Parents and community members, including media, legislators, and community groups, learning more about their schools;
  5. Diagnostic and policy-relevant research.

Data Requests and Privacy

Most Popular Resources

 Privacy Resources
Individuals or organizations requesting student level or other confidential data should review documentation on the DPI website related to student privacy here:  Student Data Privacy Information.


 Requests for DPI Data

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) collects and maintains data about education in the State of Wisconsin, including:

• Data about individual students.
• School finance data.
• Teacher licensing data.
• School performance data.
• Facilities data.
• Data required for federal reporting and compliance.
• Agency administrative and operational data.
• Many other types of data.


Visit our new webpage for information on submitting new public or confidential data requests and updating existing requests.


Requests for DPI Data

Data Quality Campaign



Why are these data tools important?

Education data is a primary tool to see how our students, schools, and policies are working. Over time, the data show the results of changes we make in schools, letting us track progress and make adjustments. As stated in Agenda 2017, the goal for Wisconsin is to help ensure every child graduates from high school prepared for both college and career pathways. These data systems are a key part of Agenda 2017's assessment and data systems emphasis on giving parents and the public more timely, quality data to use for informed decision-making.

Who supports WISE?

The Data Warehouse and Decision Support team is charged with building, maintaining, and providing user support around the Wisconsin Information System for Education (WISE). The team also supports any mandatory federal or state reporting requirements.  Leveraging the unique philosophy of data warehouse concepts and technologies, the focus is placed on data integration and easy-to-use interfaces for data analysis.  Metadata development and data stewardship programs are crucial to the team's success in achieving these goals.

Analysis Tools URL Type Description Who
Wisconsin Information System for Education Data Dashboard (WISEdash)



Public reporting and analysis tool

What is WISEdash?  WISEdash is a data portal that uses "dashboards," or visual collections of graphs and tables, to provide multi-year education data about Wisconsin schools.  As a public reporting tool, WISEdash will be used by districts, schools, parents, researchers, media, and other community members  to view data published by DPI.


What's in WISEdash? Each year, all Wisconsin school districts collect information about their students, staff, and courses based on federal and state requirements. These data sets are submitted to the Department of Public Instruction where they're stored and linked in a data warehouse. WISEdash gives you an interactive way to select and filter Wisconsin school data from the 2005-06 school year forward. Data are required to be published by the Department of Public Instruction, and are redacted to protect student privacy. Additional historical datasets from 1998 forward can be downloaded. Links to other educational datasets and key reports are available in WISEdash. WISEdash will provide a streamlined delivery of consistent data and dashboards


Who should use WISEdash public version? The WISEdash Public Portal is the front door for parents and community members to discover all types of data about Wisconsin schools and districts. Educators should send parents to WISEdash for public data reports. Educators and school staff should use the WISEdash for Districts, a secure version that requires a username and password, for student-level analysis.

Educators, administrators, DPI staff, parents, students, and community members
School District Performance Reports (SDPR) SDPR Public reporting tool

The School District Performance Reports encompass a wealth of information on school and district performance and student achievement data for the State of Wisconsin. The reports each address sections of state or federal reporting requirements.  All reports-and the many and varied indicators contained within-should be considered when reviewing a school or district's annual progress. 


Specific reports available through this landing page include:

School Report Cards

Wisconsin School District Performance Report (SDPR) (with comparisons to other districts in the same athletic conference as well as to the ten largest districts in the state)

ESEA Reporting

Historical Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) Reports

Special Education District Profile Reports

Parental Choice Program Results


This public site reports data that are redacted to protect student privacy.
For more information on the School Performance Report (SPR) requirements, please visit the SPR Homepage.

Educators, administrators, DPI staff, parents, students, and community members


Public reporting and analysis tool

REL Midwest has created and made available to the public a wonderful resource called EdMaps, or Regional Priority Story Maps.  Because this resource is extensive and widely available WISEmaps will no longer be maintained or made available by DPI.  The URL will now direct users to the new site. 


What is EdMaps?  REL Midwest EdMaps is a Web-mapping application that displays complex education data geographically as "story maps."  EdMaps helps users analyze publicly available school- and district-level data, observe trends over time, and frame conversations on practice and policy.  

Educators, administrators, DPI staff, parents, students, and community members

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